Monday, November 17, 2008


So, it has not yet been a full month since my last weekly posting. I haven't been too busy (though receiving my Touch Pro last week did hurt my productivity - there's just too much cool stuff!), I've simply re-experienced an epiphany that I'd already had and since forgotten:

The web is already full of crap.

Yep, I knew it previously, and embarrassingly, had forgotten. Now, I know it again and am no longer going to post each week just to get in the habit of posting. I do like to think that I have insights and experience worthy of sharing with the wide world, but not all of them belong on the world-wide web.

It wasn't Sen. Stevens' comments about the nature of the Internet that reminded me, but looking for details on certain aspects of my new phone. The most useful sites have been diluted by people starting new threads for topics that were already covered, or hijacking live ones with garbage.

So, I'm only going to write on items that I feel are significant and not already covered elsewhere. Among things I've got in the queue are Proposition 8 in California (I'm opposed to it on the grounds that I don't want any government defining marriage. Marriage is a belief system; qualifying for hospital visitation rights, tax benefits, etc. is a very different, but still important matter.), Yama's crab tempura fondue (Excellent!), why I think that in the very near future, nearly all office workers, and many others, will program (though programming will change very significantly before then), a review of my new Palm Torrent Immersion Suit and a few other quick items.

Why then write the post I've just written? I felt compelled to explain my lack of writing up till now, and also to commit myself to write about the above topics.

and five-letter English words with only one consonant. Well, just the one five-letter English word with only one consonant.